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Chatham 150

Chatham &


Throughout 2019, we’re taking the time to celebrate both where Chatham has been and where we are headed next. Each quarter, we’ll feature a new story that highlights one of Chatham’s ands, aka the essential partnerships that have contributed to Chatham’s enduring and evolving legacy.


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One hundred and eleven years after the founding of the city of bridges came the founding of Pennsylvania Female College in 1869. From our inception to our modern perspective, Pittsburgh has played a fundamental role in Chatham's continued growth as well as our efforts towards education, health sciences, and sustainability.

We opted to start with our location because there would be no Chatham without Pittsburgh, and though our colors are purple and green, we too bleed black and gold. Read the story of Chatham & Pittsburgh →

&Our Faculty

Though the faces have changed over the past 150 years, Chatham faculty members have remained steadfast mentors, instructors, and cheerleaders for our student body, often times, long after graduation. Their role in student growth is unparalleled and their commitment is unprecedented.

For the second Chatham And, we asked alumni and faculty members to tell us how the student and faculty relationship at Chatham impacted their lives. Read the story of Chatham & Our Faculty →

&Our Campuses

It's hard to think of Chatham without imagining our campuses: the majestic cove tucked neatly into a bustling Fifth Avenue and the sprawling, sustainable gem in the North Hills. In addition to their charming aesthetics, Shadyside and Eden Hall provide the ability to grow and learn safely, in settings that inspire creativity and innovation.

The third Chatham And is synonymous with the idea of Chatham itself. We explored what our campuses represent for the alumni who have called them home. Read the story of Chatham & Our Campuses →

&Our Traditions

From sledding down Chapel Hill to passing the class colors to the first year class, Chatham's culture is synonymous with tradition. That's why we have so many! And several of these traditions have been around for the majority of our 150 years, making them quintessential aspects of our enduring legacy.

Consider this the closing convocation of the Chatham & series. Our fourth and final Chatham & is a celebration of the weird and wonderful traditions that fill each academic year. Read the story of Chatham & Our Traditions →