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Chatham 150

Our Stories


We can’t tell the story of Chatham without the stories of our students, alumni, faculty, and staff. We’ve identified the twelve archetypes that embody the essence of Chatham and now we’re asking you to nominate yourself or a friend for the category that fits your story best. In June 2019, we’ll roll out the stories we’ve collected. Be sure to submit yours, you might just see it here.

Where does your story belong?


The Glass Ceiling Smashers

Fierce leaders (i.e., CEOs, go-getters, ladder-climbers) who defy barriers to access, trailblazing new routes for those who follow


The Creators

The artistically minded among us (i.e., writers, artists, visionaries) who use their talents to enhance this world and build new ones


The Politicos

Committed politicians (i.e., mayors, advocates, lobbyists) who model civic engagement in every facet of their lives


The Healers

Caregivers (i.e., doctors, therapists, nurses) who ensure healthier people help to create a healthier planet


The Phoenixes

The mavericks (i.e., re-inventors, revisionists, game-changers) who changed their careers/their outlooks/the world


The Upholders

Chatham’s biggest advocates (i.e., cougars, constants, brick-layers) whose devotion has helped solidify our legacy


The Daredevils

The boldest amongst us (i.e. risk-takers, thrill-seekers, adventurers) who act out ‘high risk/high reward’ in real time


The Veterans

Chatham community members (i.e., soldiers, patriots, protectors) who have served in all military capacities


The Expats

These world travelers (i.e., nomads, relocators, dual citizens) have taken their unique talents to the world’s stage


The Growers

Our food-centric community members (i.e., farmers, foodies, chefs) with green thumbs and decadent palates


The Mentors

Stars in their own right (i.e. professors, idols, gurus) who lead by example and empower the next generation


The Outliers

Don’t fit into a box (i.e., one & onlys, eccentrics, anomalies)? You belong here as much as anyone


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